Sunday, June 23

3 casino games that Malaysians love to play online

Analyzing the reasons for the popularity of these games in Malaysia

Malaysia is a big market for online gambling in Asia. It is already a multi-billion dollar industry and is still developing. In 2019, it was expected that the net revenue would reach $59.79 billion this year. It is logical to assume a higher number considering the increased internet usage. There is a whole list of reasons why people prefer online casinos. One reason is the wide variety of games that these casinos offer.

Online casinos all around the world offer many more games in one place than any land-based casino. Online casino Malaysia is no different. The online casinos in the country offer a list of games from which players can choose one. It will be interesting to understand the most popular online casino games among Malaysians.

Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat are three casino games that many people love to play online.   

Reasons for the popularity of these games


Roulette has very simple rules. You can easily understand these rules and start gambling. The advantage Roulette offers is that you don’t need specialized skills to play or win this game. The game is purely based on luck. You don’t have to strategize the game to win. This is the game you should play if you are a fresher. The use of the wheel and the process of spinning the ball add to the drama of the game. This takes happiness to another dimension. There is no upper limit to the count of players who can make the same bet. This is a different advantage that the game offers.


Blackjack is not a complicated casino game. The rules are simple and easily learnable. The game becomes very trivial once the player understands when to hit, and when to split. Blackjack has a really low house edge. This means the player has a decent chance of winning the bet. This makes Malaysians fall in love with the game. The game requires interaction between the players. This increases the fun quotient of the game. What’s more delightful than playing your favorite game with a bunch of like-minded people?


Baccarat has similar advantages that the other games mentioned before have. The game is simple. Rules can be learned easily by a newbie. Like Blackjack, it is highly probable for the player to win. Another advantage is that whatever the size of your bankroll is, you will find a baccarat game to play. This is helpful to players who are low on budget but still want to play a casino game.

Analysis of the advantages

On analyzing these reasons, we can understand that these advantages are not offered uniquely to Malaysians. People all around the world enjoy the plus points of these games. Gamblers worldwide are loving these games. They spend most of their time playing these games enjoying all the benefits of gambling online. These are the exact reasons why the 3 games are currently ruling online casino Malaysia.