Thursday, April 18

Beware of These Tricks Illegal Online Casinos Use to Steal Your Money

The internet is undoubtedly an exciting place where people from all walks of life can come together, play games, shop, and find answers to any question. However, very few know that cyberspace is also a haven for scammers who are always looking to prey on other people out of their money.

Even though it has been around for years, the online gambling industry has only recently catapulted in popularity. As soon as it started to become popular, people who were not exactly honest thought of a way that they could take advantage of the situation.

“There is nothing wrong with playing games online and winning money doing so. But, if you are ever going to do this, you have to be wary of the tricks that illegal online casinos use to steal your money,” warns Mr. Ong of WS88, online casino in singapore.

What are these tricks? Well, let’s take a look at some of the common ones mentioned below:

Using Software Hacks

While using software tracking techniques may not result in direct monetary theft, it can help the casinos to keep track of your playing style. This will not allow them to cheat you directly, but it helps them in knowing what kind of bets you make and whether they should raise the stakes or not.

Using Rigged Wheels

When we say rigged wheels, we are talking about roulette wheels that have been tampered with in order to favour the casino. These wheels have been specifically made so that the ball gets stuck at a certain number, thus giving players losing streaks always.

Using Rigged Cards

If you think roulette is not rigged enough for you, then maybe moving on to playing cards may be a better option! Some casinos use special software to cheat online players and make it appear as if cards have been dealt incorrectly.

Using High Stakes Games

While playing at a regular casino online is not really that dangerous, the situation can turn around fast when you start to play at higher stakes. This could be due to the use of different kinds of cheating techniques or because casinos manipulate the odds.

Using Different Types Of Software

This is a very common ploy used by online casinos to steal your money. When you play at an illegal casino, it is highly possible that they might inject some spyware on your computer or even use other software codes to get personal information from you, which can later be used for purposes of identity theft as well as financial fraud.

Using Free Play

This is one of the most common tricks used by online casinos to make money out of unsuspecting customers. They claim that they offer free play, but when you try and withdraw your money, you will find that the casino has blocked all your withdrawals until you deposit once more.

Using Bonuses

Any kind of bonus offer is always a trap, especially when you are getting it from an online casino that does not have any licensing. You must know that these casinos will just lure you into depositing money, and then they will block all your withdrawals.

Using Language Barriers

If the casino website is in a language you do not understand. This is certainly one big red flag. The only reason why they would use such an alien language on the website is that they are trying to deceive clients and hide pertinent information.

Using Online Marketing Tactics

This is absolutely untrue as there is no way by which online casinos can trick you through online marketing tactics.

Using Hidden Terms And Conditions

We cannot stress this enough, always check the terms and conditions section before signing up for a casino account. Here, you will find all the relevant information about bonuses, gameplay, games offered, etc.

Of course, there is always the possibility that they might hide something here, but it does not happen that often. Also, check whether the casino is licensed or not before playing at their site.

Using Rigged Ranking Systems

This is another one of those tricky tricks which illegal casinos use to make money out of unsuspecting players.

These kinds of casinos have special software in place that tracks and reports how much money you play and how much time you spend on the site. Later, they use this information to block your account or even go as far as dealing you special hands to ensure that your winnings get converted into losses.

Free Chips

It is very important to check the terms and conditions associated with free chip offers from online casinos. Some casinos will just lure you in through these offers, and then they will block all your withdrawals without any prior warning or notice.

Using Free Bonuses For Opening An Account

This is another one of those free chip tricks which casinos use to deceive players. This ploy can be very dangerous because here, the casino will just ask you to deposit a small amount of money in order to receive the free bonus, and once you do that, they will block all your withdrawals without any prior notice or warning.

Using Non-English Speaking Support

This is yet another one of those tricks used by online casinos to steal money from unsuspecting players. You should not fall for such a ploy because you can get in touch with the casino support by using translators like Google translate.

Using Reload Bonuses

Suppose you see any kind of bonus available only when you use a specific deposit method. In that case, it is best to avoid such casinos because they will certainly block your withdrawals later on. You must also check whether there are any limitations associated with these kinds of offers.

Using Withdrawals

It is very important to check the withdrawal methods which are available at any online casino site because not all casinos will accept credit or debit cards. They may only offer bank wires and e-wallets as their primary means for your money transfers. This is something you need to know before signing up with a particular casino site.

Using Free Play Bonuses

There is always the possibility to win real money from these kinds of offers, but you should also be very careful because there are casinos that will just keep on increasing the wagering requirements for your bonus so that you cannot withdraw any of your winnings. We suggest that you have a limit and know when to stop.

Using Fake Bonuses

This is one of the most common tricks illegal casinos use, and they usually go for these kinds of offers because they can attract new players with their attractive bonus features. However, once you make your first deposit, all those promises will go out of the window, and you will get blocked from making any further withdrawals.

Using Fake Reviews

This is yet another trick which casinos use to steal money from unsuspecting players. You should seek out genuine online casino sites where your experience can be verified by visiting unbiased review websites.


“As much as there is legitimate online casino in singapore doing legal business, the other side of truth remains the same: the internet has its fair share of scams and people who are only out to take your money,” Mr. Ong added.

Thus, be sure to read reviews, ask questions, and do some research on the legitimacy of an online gambling site before making a decision about how much time or money you will spend there. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t!