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Documentaries about Sports Betting You Must See

If you’re taking a vacation from gambling on sports, why not treat yourself to a hard-hitting documentary instead? You’ll be delighted and educated while watching these seven films on the world of sports betting. Films like this one help you better grasp betting techniques, but they also provide a lot of advice on what to avoid! 

First and foremost, Frontline’s Fantasy Sports Gambling.

New York Times and PBS Frontline have collaborated to expose the dark underbelly of internet sports wagering. A major theme of the show was the development of fantasy sports in recent years. How a loophole in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 enabled fantasy sports betting to become a multi-billion dollar business was explained in an hour-long show broadcast in February 2016. Focusing on the dark side of fantasy sports betting, Fantasy Sports Gambling features extensive interviews with prosecutors, regulators and gamblers.

30 for 30: Jimmy the Greek’s Legend

The life of James George Snyder, Sr., a famed sports pundit and Las Vegas bookmaker, was examined in this 2009 documentary (aka Jimmy the Greek).On The NFL Today, Jimmy predicted the outcome of NFL games for 12 years and was also well-known for his gambling antics at a period when sports gambling was less accepted. There includes commentary from Brent Musburger, Irv Cross and Phyllis George from The NFL Today in the documentary, which was part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series. Checkout.

There’s Nothing to Lose

It was published in 2013 and contains some of the most renowned names in sports gambling. Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning, two seasoned Vegas bettors, are lending their expertise. Other notable guests include Jay Kornegay of the Hilton/Vegas Hotel Odds, Brian Blessing and Ken Thompson of the local sports radio talk shows, among others.52 minutes of footage from the “SuperBook” of the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino delivers unparalleled access to the normally-closed realm of Super Bowl wagering in the run-up to this year’s most anticipated sporting event.

It’s Time to Place Your Bets: A History of American Sports Betting

Sports betting in Las Vegas has grown into a multi-billion dollar business thanks to a 2017 documentary that examines the emergence of legal sports betting in the city. Now Place Your Bets examines the history, present, and future of gambling in Las Vegas via interviews and personal testimonies. Experts and professionals from all corners of sports betting such as토토사이트appear on the panel. There are a lot of interesting interviews with oddsmakers, bookmakers, professional gamblers, sports journalists, and many more people in this collection. An in-depth study of professional gamblers, their motivation, and compulsion to gamble including파워볼사이트can be found in this book. 

All That’s Left to Say

Allan “Boston” Dvorkis, Alan Denkenson, Lem Banker, and Ken “The Shrink” Weitzner are professional gamblers featured in The Best of It. Four professional basketball gamblers are featured in Scott Pearson Eberly’s documentary, which was released in 2016 and focused on the 2010 NCAA tournament. Even the most seasoned of gamblers are subjected to a life that is unexpected and merciless, according to the documentary. A few weeks after Weitzner was interviewed for the film, both he and his wife Jackie took their own lives after devastating defeats during March Madness.

Sixty minutes. Billy Walters, an expert in sports betting

He has been referred to as “the godfather of Las Vegas sportsbetting,” and Billy Walters is widely regarded as the most successful gambler in Vegas history. It’s a rare opportunity to get to know a typically reserved guy in this interview with 60 Minutes’ Lara Logan in 2011.Sport-betting legend Walters once pocketed $1 million in one round of golf and £3.5 million on a Super Bowl wager (Walters has never had a losing year). This man has a wealth of knowledge that you could undoubtedly benefit from!

International Sports Betting and the Gambling Mafia

With a massive fan base, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and the most bet on sport in the world. Around €200 billion is the average annual global estimate. During the film, it is shown that the matches are manipulated, and that players, goaltender bribes, referees, and coaches are all influenced by money. Gambling mafias from Asia to Europe to the U.S. are able to control and infiltrate soccer at every level, from the youth leagues to the top tiers, to gain millions of dollars.