Wednesday, April 17

Tournaments in the slot machine gaming

Some portals provide online slot tournaments which are scheduled on daily basis and have very low entry charges. They also schedule free tournaments as well. In the real casinos the slot tournaments are a big deal for the players. Many a times they are free and have acknowledgeable prize amounts. It is a way of promotion for the casinos as this way the people will be aware about them and will also encourage their closed ones to be a part of the same indeed increasing the no. of players and visitors for the casino. This also wants the players to come back over there and have more of free games and win prizes.  It is now been seen that people are enjoying the online casinos more as they get to create a recreational environment at their own place.

Older slots are also featuring in the tournaments held online. Some of the famous classics such as double diamond, the wheel of fortune are in still the favorites of online slot games players. The video slot classics such as wolf run or Cleopatra are also amongst the favorites.  Tournament slots are way different from regular slots we usually see. The entry charges that you pay goes into the pool of prize money and is quite similar to the one paid to the vivo gaming casino. Tournaments are of two types. First one is the scheduled tournament and the second one is the sit and go tournament. Both of these are different from each other and have different gaming experience as well. In the scheduled tournaments, it is mandatory for you to register yourself and than in the given set period of time limit you can play the tournament.

If you are the type of guy who believes more in action than this type of tournaments is meant for you. In this tournament the winner is decided as the one who has most of the credits was part of the game from the beginning till the end of it. The major advantage of this type of tournaments is that even runner-ups also win good prizes which are a major encourager for players.  While in the sit and go tournaments, the competition begins when a particular set of players enter the game and have made the registration for the same. The one who has highest no. of credits wins the tournament and the prize money.