Sunday, July 14

How To Choose The Right Poker Bot AI?


Using poker bots is certainly a very smart way to earn high profits through online poker. The biggest advantage of using a poker bot AI is that the person doesn’t need to be an expert at poker. The bot would be making all the decisions, playing the way an experienced poker player would. However, one needs to choose the right bot in order to actually benefit from it. While there are plenty of poker bots available, not all of them are equally effective. Here are a few parameters to check while choosing a poker bot. 

Supported sites

Some poker bots work only on a specific poker site, thus limiting the user only to one site. However, if the site eventually turns out to be less profitable and the user wants to switch to a better one, the bot would lose its value. This is why it is recommended to go for a bot which can be used on multiple sites. 

The best poker bots would provide you with at least half a dozen options to choose from. While using such a bot, you would be able to play on multiple sites. 

Supported games

The variety of poker games that a bot supports is also an important factor to consider. Certain bots happen to be very effective, but only at a specific type of game. Now, in case if you would like some diversity or simply do not like that particular poker format, you would have no choice but to get a new bot. However, you may avoid all the trouble simply by choosing the right bot in the first place. The best poker bots are capable of playing various types of poker games without any issues. 

Ability to avoid detection

Most of the poker sites do not allow bots. In case if a user is found to be using bots, the account may get banned. Although the online poker sites try hard to counter bot usage, one cannot deny the fact that there are still playing poker all the time. This is possible because the bot developers are coming up with smarter poker bot AI that can avoid detection. 

A sophisticated poker bot would use every possible means to avoid getting detected. For instance, it would behave like a human player and respond to others. In some cases the bot would even make small mistakes. Along with several other techniques, these help to protect the bot user from detection. 


Before purchasing a bot, it is imperative to check out the credibility of its makers. Obviously, every company selling poker bots would claim theirs to be one of the best. However, if you purchase one and then it turns out to be far from effective, it would basically be a waste of money. 

A trustable company would offer demonstrations of their poker bot, along with the evidence of their break-evens. It is advisable to buy a bot only from a company which offers to provide these demonstrations before you make the purchase. 

Spending some time on finding a reliable bot would definitely save your time and money alike.