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Despite the advent of online slots that have certainly carved out a large slice of the market, roulette is still at the top of the preferences of gamblers today. Fixed presence of all the Best Online Casinos and obviously a characteristic element of the physical ones, nowadays it is possible to play roulette while comfortably seated in front of your PC or with your Smartphone via Link VAO W88 mobile casino, also being able to choose to play Live with the direct streaming of the tables.

Winning at Roulette –

The 13 number method, also known as “Lucky 13” is one of the roulette winning strategies that best combine the simplicity of execution and the chances of winning and this is probably why it is one of the most popular with players. There are those who say that its origin is the result of the study of a croupier who retired from the scene who wanted to spread his knowledge and experience to help the player and thus go to the other side of the bank.

How to win at roulette with the 13 number methods?

The system is based on the fact that the ball has the same probability of positioning itself in any point of the wheel at each spin, and the result of the previous spin obviously does not affect that of the next spin. For this reason, it is valid for both physical roulette and online roulette with the same odds of winning. With a strategic positioning of the bets and a correct choice of the numbers to play, we can equally distribute our bets over the entire span of the wheel.

Roulette Tricks –

We choose our roulette wheel, and watch the wheel spins until one of the numbers selected by us comes out 3 consecutive times. This is the “hot” time to take action. So let’s go and play the couplings of our numbers, betting a fixed sum equal for everyone. In this way, at the end of the bets we will have that over 70% of the table is covered with a 99% probability that a number in our sector will come out after just 3 spins of the roulette wheel.

In the event that this does not happen on the first spin, we will have to keep the same bets, but double the amount and so on. It is statistically proven that within a maximum of 5 spins one of our numbers will be winning, thus allowing us to make a win. It is then up to you to choose the amount we want to bet. Maybe it is good to start with light bets and then move on to slightly more consistent bets once you have verified the goodness of the method.