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The Choices For Your Esport Betting Right Here

Esports Betting: The Major Products And Markets For 2020

The eSports, or in Finnish e-sports, is a competitive game of video games. The most common such games are eg CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Starcraft 2 and FIFA. Also, betting on esports destinations has grown tremendously in Popularity.

Prize Money Betting Esports Calendar

Over the last ten years or so, W88 ทางเข้า electronic sports (eSports or e-sports) have received significant attention and a whole new sport has grown and gained great Popularity. Tournaments in various eSports games have grown astonishingly large, and game tournaments with significant cash prizes are already being held in the country.

In the country, e-sports have clearly found their audience and e.g. YLE shows Counter Strike: Global Offensive matches live on TV from time to time.

How does e-sports work?

Different games can be played either online through the so-called. Online or for larger events over a LAN. All the big tournaments are played as LAN events where teams even from all over the world travel to play, just like in any other sport. Some tournaments are very small and include a small grand prize of a few thousand euros, but the biggest Prize pools have already swelled to several million.

The eSports Prize money

The Prize pools for eSports tournaments are growing all the time as the e-sports market in general grows and more and more investors and sponsors get involved. The biggest Prize pool to date has been seen in The 2019 The International tournament in Dota 2.

The eSports betting

Today, eSports is already one of the most popular betting destinations on betting sites, in addition to the usual sports. Game turnover and interest in betting on different games is constantly growing. Indeed, various betting sites already include a large number of eSports targets in their target selections.

However, eSports is still a relatively young sport in betting and among odds Calculators, and pricing errors will certainly come into odds for this reason more than in large sports such as football. For this reason, there are many opportunities for experts and game lovers to make a good return on betting with their expertise. You can read on the page below what to consider when playing betting on eSports.

Whether the game is played as a LAN or online game

Before you bet on behalf of your team, it is worth doing a preliminary analysis of the match and taking into account a few important points.

A big problem with games played online is the potential for online problems that can be caused by so-called DDOS attacks. In DDOS attacks, the target’s connection to the server is blocked by someone with high network traffic, which causes the target to lose connection to the server and the game to be suspended until the target returns.