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The Finest Betting Amounts and Your Best Solutions Now

At the start, set the bet amount you want. After the 그래프게임 starts, the odds go up from 1x along the graph. After seeing the dividend, you can win by hitting the stop button before forcibly ending. However, if you cannot get out of the game before the game is over, you will lose everything.

What if the connection is lost while the graph game is in progress?

  • If the connection is lost during the game, the game ends automatically.
  • If the game is in progress, you will receive a dividend at the end of the game.
  • Whatever the cause of the disconnection, the automatic game stop system will work.

How is the scale calculated for each game?

  • Multiplier calculation goes through the following steps.
  • Enter a random random number of times the program was calculated.
  • Give the program a 1% chance that the game will end immediately.
  • The game ends according to the random number of the calculated result.

 The above process is completely automated without external intervention.

What is the exchange rate?

 The exchange rate is the percentage of그래프 게임 that the headquarters aims to make a profit. The company is aiming for a 0% to 1% exchange rate of that amount. The company has set an expected return from 0% to 1%, but this can vary depending on how you play. However, this game is very fair regardless of the company’s return rate. We can prove the fairness of each game. The approximate formula for calculating the exchange rate is as follows.

1% X (player’s estimated dividend-winning) X (money / player’s estimated dividend)

Another important thing is that every match will start as soon as it starts with a 1% chance. This point is neither predictable nor operable. However, this is what you need to know to make a profit.

What is the maximum dividend?

There is no maximum dividend. However, if the player’s total dividend during the match exceeds 3% of the total reserve amount prepared by the headquarters, The server automatically stops the game and pays all players in the game at that point. The maximum payout per game can be found in the upper left corner of the graph chart.

Graph site recommendation

 Unconditional use of old places

We think it’s the most important thing when choosing the site you want to use. Our company is introducing Bustabit for the first time in the UK, and despite many malicious comments and rumors, we still recommend the definitive graph game site with the highest number of members.

Security should be good

There are not many problems due to the nature of the game, but it is true that users are nervous. For security, our company periodically changes the domain address and establishes an SSL security authentication system to manage information more securely and completely securely.