Monday, June 24

The Gambling Chances for Your Takes Now

It is now well known that a lot of people, in addition to being great gamblers, are particularly crazy about slot machines. Obviously we like them a lot too but we are aware that it is a game to be used with great care. After thousands of hours of gameplay we have really seen it all, people of all genders and ages having their tics, some of which we have grouped together.

The best are those who touch the screen while the reels spin, stroking it as if this gesture would benefit the game. Nothing could be more false, the slot machine gives the results it must give regardless of how you touch the screen or how you press the button. If you sit and see people like this you will surely have a good laugh (unless you are the one doing it). Go for the mega888 apk solutions there.

Issues for You

The most annoying are the complaints, the one who rant at the slot machine, insulting the game and the casino itself, as if they did not know that these games are made to lose those who cannot manage emotions. If you keep losing at a game the only thing to do is get out of the slot and change, there is no point in railing against it because slots don’t have ears.

Experience Opinion

The tightrope walkers, on the other hand, in our opinion are the smartest you can meet but also the most annoying. To be honest we fall into this category because we think that to increase the chances of winning you have to constantly change the game until you find one in payment. They keep changing their game and moving from one location to another, often “insulted” with anger by other players who may be losing.

Last category, and not the least important, is that of chatters, that of those who strike up a conversation with anyone sitting next to them. We believe this form of socialization is a form of superstition, because whoever attacks the button does nothing but complain (or brag) about all the money he has lost, in the hope of being heard by the divine fairy and starting to win. Nothing could be more wrong, knowing how to win means behaving in other ways.

The Additional Options

In addition, we suggest you find casinos that have multiple entrances: using the main entrance, in fact, is bad and you have to prefer the secondary entrance (when available). Speaking of casinos, if you go to online casino do not forget to caress the foot, it is a statue donated by the Municipality and placed right inside the gambling hall and this gesture is seen as good luck. On the contrary, it is commonly believed to be a sign of bad omen to see monks or nuns just before entering a gambling hall. The Oscar for the most unpleasant superstition the bird droppings certainly wins: if you are hit by one of these delicious little gifts you will have luck in the game and the more abundant the bombing and the luckier you will be (according to some versions, it is true even if it is your car that is hit), while to stay on the ornithological theme it seems that even the vision of an owl is rather auspicious.