Tuesday, July 16

A few Words for the River Overbet

First of all a little vocabulary, the River is the fifth and final card to appear on the Flop. It is this card that will most often determine the winner of the round. At this point in the game you know exactly what is in your hand. You are therefore able to think of a strategy for the last betting round and play accordingly.

What is your hand worth at the River?

On the River, either you think you have the best hand, or you think your opponent (s) have the best hands, or you think your hand is average but has a chance of winning the round with a good strategy. In the last two cases the Bluff will often come into play.

Very often, the River is played in Heads-Up, that is to say with two players alone, because players will have folded before, before the Flop, at the time of the Flop and at the Turn. The strategy is never the same, which is why you have to study the thing well before starting.

In Multiway pot

In Multiway pot of situs qq online, that is to say if there are several players left at the table, favor a rather aggressive strategy in order to eliminate the weak players from the table. Bet 1/4 of the pot preferably to minimize your risk and call weak players.

If you speak first

If you speak first and your hand is good, adopt an aggressive technique in order to make the opponent call. But be careful not to bet too high because if the opponent does not have what to call you, he will fold and you will minimize your winnings. You can also choose to check-raiser.

If your hand is low or medium you have to play double or double. Bet hard to make it look like you have a card that completes your hand in the River or else Check and wait for the reaction of the opponent, who, in most cases, will install their Bluff (if there is any Bluff) ) in order to get you bet or fold.

If you speak last

If your hand is good and your opponent has Checked, bet and see how he reacts. If he folds, your winnings will be minimal but you will not be revealed. If he calls or Raise, call him if your hand tells you to. If your hand is medium or low, the same technique applies.

Finally we will say that regardless of your hand, the main thing is always to study the whole game and the reactions of your opponents. Study their bets on the flop, the turn and the river. Then you can build a strategy. You are the sole master of your decisions and the feeling often makes the difference in this game.