Sunday, June 23

Pragmatic Play unveils new titles.

Pragmatic Play is a company that provides various online gambling games. As the company expands, so does their product line as they put forth various types of online games. Recently they added one more such game to their inventory.

Therefore, their new title, Mega Sic Bo, a live casino game, has just hit the internet. We know there already exist such games like Sicbo OnlineAccording to the developers, this mega game shall offer a more modern version of the game, making a hunch of a three-dice roll outcome.

Their new title offers players new opportunities and tactics. They have included a layout consisting of fifty-two betting positions, and players can simultaneously choose to cover one or more at a particular given time.

Moreover, Pragmatic decided to call their new Sic Bo game the Mega Sic Bo game, so it would be natural for the developers to add a mega feature in their game. This feature goes by the name of Megawin. A mega win is activated when a player plays a bet, and the bet placed coincidentally aligns itself among the mega lucky combinations. People who achieve that are in for a mega jackpot.

The game follows a unique tactic of providing the player with a multiplied winning system. Every new game has randomly selected betting options. Players place their standard odds, but before the game ends, a multiplier is added to those odds, resulting in a winning pool of almost up to a thousand times their original bets.

Furthermore, this game is the first from these developers that offer such a winning system comprised of these random multipliers, and what’s more, is that it is offered in the new and shiny 4K technology.

The buzz around the new game

Lana Bleichyk, the operations manager for Pragmatic Play, has suggested that Sic Bo was already quite a popular game. Now, adding features like mega multipliers would push their game into a field where people of various tastes and cultures conjoined.

Furthermore, she says with confidence that the mega version of this popular game would be most assuredly an absolute hit among players and would invoke significant appreciation from the online casino industry.

In addition to the launch of the current title, Pragmatic Play also is releasing another online casino game called Auto-Roulette. This shall feature new systems that would push up a player’s experience when playing the game. This feature involves interactive elements where when the bets are being placed. The ball is automatically released into the giant wheel without the need of a dealer. The company also released a multilingual set of roulette tables, comprising Italian, German, and Russian, available to all their operator partners.

Pragmatic Play also goes on to add three more titles to their repertoire:

  1. Baccarat is more or less in the traditional sense but now the user or player is provided to gain statistical trends on their games.
  2. Speed Baccarat is a variation that involves reducing betting time to 12 seconds and overall game time to 27 seconds.
  3. Roulette Macao invokes an experience of playing at luxury offline international casinos for the users.