Sunday, June 23

What are the frauds that are committed using online casinos?

The exact revenue of the casinos had reached the level of about 30 Billion$ which was nearly double the revenue which they had expected as they had launched new games in the casinos and also new types of bonuses and also rewards in the year 2010 when everything new was starting to be introduced in the market.

The revenue which is expected before and the current revenue which is collected by the gambling industry is much far over the line which they have estimated to reach over the five years limit, and it was unexpected by the analysts of the industry.

Is some of the other ways online gaming industry is immune to these hackers as there are many IT professionals who work in this industry and have many ideas as well as many tricks and programs which they use to actively attack any hacker which is trying to hack into the game servers and also the accounts of the players.

คาสิโนออนไลน์ after these were made the world was quickly shifting all their activities to online not only gaming, but it included gambling, gaming, banking, financing and other days to day activities like paying bills, paying taxes etc.

In physical or live casino these fraudsters come and play with all the equipment that are tapped with some sort of devices which can be used to cheat in every game that is available to play in the casino, and also they use that technology which is not possible to be spotted by the human eye and you will need some special technology to scan for these devices.

Top frauds committed in gambling

Here is the list of the top5 frauds committed inside of the online casinos

  • Bonus abuse

While the exact numbers of total online casino cannot be calculated, so there is an estimation of about 2,000 online casinos which need the customer to visit and play so that they earn some money, so they offered different bonuses and schemes to attract them.

Many times the owners do this tactic to gain revenue, and they keep on fooling them for gaining money.

  •  Collusion

This is a thing which cheaters use like two players come to the same table, and they make things which will make the both of them rich and also it can take place with only one player who uses multiple accounts to collect bonus and then tries to withdraw the money on their account.

  •  Chip dumping

In this type, the gamblers use the chips as some sort of money device which they can exchange it with the online player and that player is the dealer who will give them real money instead of the chip.

  •  Credit card fraud

In this, the people who sign up are using someone’s stolen credit card to register themselves on the website and then play these games in their home or wherever they want without any interruption of the money asked by the game.