Wednesday, April 17

How the ranking is done in poker industry? Do you want to know in detail about it?

Have you ever tried knowing the card rules being provided by poker industry? A card basically consists of 52 in a deck. And it is divided into 4 suits. All the suits are divided according to 13 ranks each. No suit is higher or lower all are similar. In this article you will know the ranking of the card in poker industry. In a normal life also if we play card we will notice there are 52 cards of 13 each and divided into 4 suits. The two types of color which the card usually have is red, black. If one is red one will be black the combination of these two colors are only suitable and valid in 52 packs of deck. So let’s know in detail about all those in this article.

What about the hand strength?

When talking about the hand strength and the poker kart sıralaması mentioned below.

  • Royal flush consists of five cards in a sequence of same suit. A, K, Q, J, 10.
  • Straight flush consists of five cards in the sequence of same suits. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.
  • Four of a kind is a type where all the four cards are of 1 rank and one is of unmatched rank. 5, 5, 5, 5, 3.
  • Full house all ranks of five cards out of same suit but not in a sequence. K, J, 9, 7, 3.
  • Straight consist of five cards of same rank two cards of different suit.

There is other type of ranking in poker games.

There are four more types of ranking in poker which are mentioned here.

  • Three of a kind which consists of three cards of same rank and two cards are not of same rank.
  • Two pair where two carts of same rank and two Cards will be off another rank.
  • One pair consists of two Cards of 1 rank and three cards which are not of same rank.
  • High card is made up of five combinations. It will not meet the requirements of the above mentioned cards.


At last you can conclude the fact that the ranking in card is quite similar which we notice in our daily life. If you know how to play card game in your daily life you will definitely play the poker card games easily. This card game will help you in long run and with the help of this you can maintain your mental ability also. Read this article in detail to know the type of ranking which is found in poker card games.