Monday, June 24

The Sports Football Match Solutions in the Right Format

Stressed out watching a football match? Did you guess the last winner of Roland-Garros? Do you like gambling? Do you want to earn money? Try sports betting and boost your sports adrenaline. We offer you a guide of information and tip to get started in sports betting.

Choose your favorite sport or competition

To get started in sports betting, do not venture into obscure competitions or into sports you do not know. Nothing beats knowing the teams involved, the forms of the moment, the rivalries, or quite simply, the rules of the game. To bet, you must know the elements which can influence the meeting. So start with your favorite sport, you will be able to extend your bets when you are a seasoned player.

Find your bookmaker

If you type “bookmaker” on Google, you will find an endless number of sites. In order to get started in sports betting, do not hesitate to choose an operator by his reputation. If you are new to it, try to find the site that you find the easiest to use and that makes you want to play. You can consult the list of legal sites in France published on the ARJEL site or, we advise you to start with bookmakers such as PMU, Betclic, ParionsWeb, Bwin, Unibet and DominoQQ Online. You can also consult this French website which lists the best online betting sites.

Enjoy the best bonuses

You can also choose your bookmaker based on the registration bonus. In fact, operators in most cases offer bonuses to new registrants so that they can familiarize themselves with the site while enjoying a risk-free first bet. Often under conditions, the bonus can help you choose well and get started in sports betting. For example, the Betclic bookmaker offers a bonus of 100 € on registration, refunded on the first bet.

Know all types of bets

Before you start your first bet, do not hesitate to inform yourself about the possible types of bets. For starters, the single bet is as the name suggests: single. Your win is your stake multiplied by the odds. There are also many variants such as the double chance bet, the multiple bet, the over / under, the live bet, the exact score bet, the handicap. Do not forget that the spread bet is prohibited in France (bet on possible events of a meeting such as faults, boxes)

Familiarize yourself with the ribs

The odds are the clues that bookmakers offer you in order to know the potential amount of your winning. Thus, your winnings correspond to your stake multiplied by the odds. Note that the ratings are set by the operators and can therefore vary from one site to another (who can predict the future?). For example, depending on the probability of an event, the coast will be more or less weak. The lower the odds, the smaller the payout will be, but the probability of winning is higher (without ever being 100% sure).

Send your administrative documents

Under no circumstances should you omit the sending of administrative documents. Indeed, for security reasons, ARJEL requires bookmakers to register fairly strictly. Remember to fill in your information, the bookmaker will ask you for proof of identity and can block your account in case of differences. Do not forget to enter your bank details either: this is the only legal way to withdraw your winnings.

Manage your budget

Be careful with your money when you get into sports betting. The lure of gain and the desire to compensate for a loss can lead to certain inconveniences. So set a limit in your supply budget according to your means, a limit in your bets, start with small amounts and above all, stay calm if you lose without trying to recover instantly. It is possible to create a small summary table of this information in order to clearly follow your budget, your stakes, your gains and your losses.

Mistakes to avoid

There are a few very simple tips so as not to make a beginner’s mistake: never bet all your capital, don’t necessarily bet on your team or player at heart (stay objective!), don’t play on games without stakes, bet on few encounters at a time, be patient and keep one thing in mind: a sports meeting is never won in advance.